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OnePlus 8 Smartphone Price, Scenario

OnePlus 8 Smartphone Price, Scenario and Other Details

Vivo X60 – the first smartphone in the new hybrid smart devices family, is powered by the ground-breaking Pixels. It is the first smartphone in the entire line of Vivo smartphones that carries the new Pixels technology. Pixels are designed to work as high-resolution displays for augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. They can be used as standalone displays or integrated into existing mobile devices. We take a quick look at the features and technical specifications of the Vivo X60.

Vivo X60The body of the vivo x60 pro smartphone has a flat, metallic look. The surface is smooth and shiny, though it is textured. The device has a gently curved back with a gently rounded corners and it has an intuitive home button that has been placed on the right edge of the screen.

The front-mounted fingerprint scanner, located just below the heart rate monitor, supports the latest biometrics including: Fidelity, EID, and ECD. The rear camera has a 16-megapixel resolution with an LED flash and optical image stabilization. A fingerprint sensor is also present on the rear face of the handset. A heart rate monitor, a barometer, a proximity sensor, and a two-megapixel camera with OLP auto focus are present on this smartphone.

With a powerful chipset and a large screen, the Vivo X60 delivers ultimate performance. There is no doubt that this smartphone will succeed in the fast-growing smartphone market. The chipset is the reason behind the high level of efficiency and performance. This is backed by a quad-core processor, an Adreno subatom processor, and a generous amount of RAM.

The dual-mode, octa-core MediaTek MTK helps to deliver smooth performance with the help of a fast CPU, the detailed HD display, and the support for a large number of applications. The high-end smartphones have the capability to run various web browsers, and they can also play high definition videos. This is further enhanced by the quad-core, and the 128 gb internal storage facilitates smooth surfing across the web.

The design of the handset is attractive and it does not compromise on any aspect. The classy looks of the phone complete its charm. With a powerful chipset, and a large 5.2 inch screen, the Vivo X60 smartphone price is quite affordable. This device comes loaded with many advanced features that can cater to the needs of all kinds of users. With such a stunning looks and a powerful chipset, the onerous 8 smartphone can easily seduce the user with its endless benefits.



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