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Review of the Xiaomi Foldable Phone

Xiaomi Foldable PhonePatents have proven that in recent years, Xiaomi has really been working hard on developing different folding mobile devices. One of those devices, the Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone, is already currently available for sale. The phone comes with a neat triple camera set up at the back, a fingerprint scanner plus the usual facilities such as a high-end connectivity system. The device is made out of aluminum, which makes it very sleek and light.

Unlike many phones in its class, the Xiaomi Foldable Phone offers a unique dual-folding feature. Unlike other foldable devices, this one does not just offer the standard functionality of a smart phone, but goes the extra mile by allowing you to conveniently do things like watching your videos, listening to music or connecting to Wi-Fi. This is definitely something that every user should consider. The phone can be folded easily. This is great especially if you want to easily carry it around or even store it in your bag.

To test the durability of the device, we put the Mini Foldable Phone through a number of real world use cases. All of the samples that we used were subjected to bumps, scrapes and even deep scratches. Even after several weeks, none of the three samples of the Mini Foldable Phone had cracks or any deep damage. The Miui was also able to survive rain and hail without having any noticeable damages.

In terms of connectivity, this device is one of the most advanced handsets available in the market today. It is compatible with the major networks in China including EDGE, microSD and GPRS. The Miui can also be used on the airplane because it has an auto connect feature. This is something that most users will appreciate as it reduces the time needed for connecting to a network.

Another notable feature of this smartphone is its dual camera feature. The two cameras are located on the front which are capable of taking high quality pictures. Pictures taken using the front camera tend to be low resolution but it is better than shooting from the back. Many users will find this feature to be very useful.

With all the positive comments and reviews that have been written about the Miui, it is easy to see why this device has become so popular within the Chinese market. It offers a lot of features and functions that most smartphones do not offer. This smartphone is perfect for Chinese people who do not want to deal with heavy phones. With the Miui, they are provided with a smart phone with tons of features and applications that can help them be more productive.



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