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Vivo X60 Smartphone Price, Features, and Video

The Vivo X60 is the latest handset in the highly successful and evergreen line of Android based smartphones from Vivo. It features a stunningly beautiful design, fantastic ease of use, ultimate functionality and an extremely long lifespan. It also packs a ton of features and capabilities, such as Dual Shot and Multifunction keys, fast Application boot time, stunning graphics, super powerful Engine, super efficient RAM, and many more. It is very powerful and has an all round performance, which makes it preferable among other smartphones. The features detailed below will help you further.

Vivo X60DescriptionVivo X60 Pro is a mid-range smartphone released by Vivo, launched on 14 December 2021. It comes with a powerful clamshell design, featuring a smooth back panel and the large rectangular touchscreen, providing a great viewing experience for the user. It is powered by an octa-core chipset along with a powerful Adreno series of mobile processors, including the power-packed Adreno HD, to ensure that it is capable of providing users with smooth and responsive mobile experience.

Operating SystemThe handset comes with the powerful Android operating system, designed by Samsung. This gives it the capacity to run most of the popular applications, including Google Play, Gmail, Chrome, explorer, YouTube, and many more. It has been equipped with a visual navigation centre, complete with easy-to-understand buttons and smooth navigation interface. Other features include the support for MMS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, and high resolution voice dialing, so that users can easily enjoy all the calling features and functions that the phone offers.

HardwareROM based devices from Vivo are generally equipped with a powerful MediaTek chipset, which is used to deliver the smooth playback and processing performance that the user’s desire. To add to this, the handset comes with an Adreno core processor, which delivers the high level of clarity in the image and video that the users look forward to. To keep pace with the latest technology, the Android operating system uses the Samsung Wave support, which helps in loading and accessing the latest apps on the smartphone. The phone has also been equipped with a generous memory space and a fast octa-core MSMic, which further enable the user to download and install the apps with ease.

Graphic Processing EngineThe Vivo X60 smartphone price includes a powerful dual-coreaxy processor, along with the Adreno graphics processing engine, to deliver smooth and responsive graphic performance. To ensure that the handset performs to the best, the device comes with a generous amount of memory space. It comes with a very rich visual user interface, which offers a great browsing experience. Samsung’s TouchWiz interface allows the users to enjoy a highly fluid browsing experience. It also features an innovative browser that enables the users to easily access the Internet with ease. Other features include an advanced Messaging App, which enables you to send and receive SMS from any location.

Quad BatteryThe Vivo X60 comes with a large battery, which makes it possible for the users to enjoy an extended talk time. The phone comes with a high capacity battery, which supports Quick Charge technology, to charge the battery in just a short time. The Samsung’sronic Reality technology, which is powered by the Exynos processor, helps in the efficient management and usage of the battery. To ensure that the battery lasts for a longer time, users can use the feature called Greenify. Other features like a motion sensor, proximity sensor and a barcode scanner help in improving the efficiency of the device.



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